The Coast of Indigo

by Twin Radio

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released June 17, 2014



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Twin Radio D.C.

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Track Name: Still Burning
you wanna talk about love
I'm feeling something
tell me about hate
the raw emotion
tell me about something

my heart is still burning
with passion more than the wicked
this pain I am feeling, it takes me down

I breathe in fire and exhale flame

I wanna be alive
cause I'm sick of feeling nothing
if the blind could truly see
the demon that walks behind me
you wouldn't believe
it walks

my heart is still burning
with passion more than the wicked
this pain I am feeling, it takes me down
my body shivers quickly
the spark ignites the whole thing
I feel the heat upon me, burn to the ground

I breathe in fire and exhale flame

you want to feel alive, try
burn it down
try, this is it
Track Name: The Bonham Blues
I am a black sheep, I have bled these words dry
the ministry wants nothing but their own lies
stacking up the borders brick by brick
I won't let anybody see into this, no

I built these walls with my own hands
to keep myself inside, (the darkest lie)
now they're falling down around me
I'm trembling, I know the truth is in the eye

I'm lying to myself
and this body is the proof
just let the story tell itself
by every cut and each and every bruise
the ministry is false
we've been building on a lie
the misery befalls us
and now we cannot hide

stacking up the borders brick by brick
and no one will see the ending

within the lines, we can't breathe this time
Moloch will eat everything
you cannot hide, from the burning fire
there is no hope in currency
Track Name: Find Our Way
The world is moving around her
And still she won't make a sound
When she wakes up from the slumber
Her eyes will be let down

The sun illuminates the sound
The sound of losing the fight
At the sight of her future
The here and now isn't right
It ends tonight

I've found a problem with who you have been
You chase penitence you leave no room for me my friend
Will you keep running from yourself
I won't be one to enter into holy hell

And there is no reason for my love to disappear
When the anthem of my heart sings
"We're alone together"

Where there is not but shame
Hope will wash away
The truth is that you cannot change
Who you've been or what I feel

The world is filled with a sadness
A blue infected with grey
But if your eyes can look past it
You'll see the light of the day
The sorrow fades

I've found a reason for you to hold on to
There's beauty in this world and it will set you free
Don't you forget that you're alive
There's a passion in your eyes

And there is no reason for my love to disappear
When the anthem of my heart sings
"We're alone together"

We are on our own, but we'll find our way back home
Track Name: Home
There was a strange sickness within me
I couldn't pull it out of my chest
But when I shut both eyes I see myself letting go
And I'm home

I am so low, I thought that I lost everything
Before I saw you, drawing eyes and lifting scars
I'm just one man divisible
By all the fears that hold me down
If there was hope I let it go and saw it eaten up
Swallow me whole and spit out the bad bones
Cause I'd never know how much of me I do own

The coastlands saw and feared it
We sang, “has our end finally come?”
The ends of the earth were afraid and drew near
As the light grew above

I'm not alone, the mountain hid me in my pain
The fire found me and there was no one left to blame
My hope wears thin, I beg for rain
You hear my call, the river flows
The water wash away my shame

Lay it down and let go
You're not alone, there is hope
In the wilderness acacia grows that all may know
You will see, you will see, the hand has done it
The night may come but it's just the beginning
Fear not, fear not, the hand has done it
Track Name: Albatross
I saw the edge, I saw everything else
While you were sleeping I saw hell
Taken for a time through the hollow void
I bled, I died, and my vision blurred with the noise
Crawling, crawling, wandering, wandering

It won't get out of my head
The dark vision of the dead
There is nothing I regret, no
I am yet a threat to your wandering faith

The days grow dark beneath the sky
No light, there's nothing left to shine
The sun is dead, apocalypse begin
I hold you up 'cause I believe in it

I see the end, come on
Won't you wake up to the sound
While you were sleeping I awoke
Dreams full of emptiness but I still breathe

The walls are breaking down
Falling on the ground, I hear it
What are you waiting for, there's nothing more
So let go
Your head is clear now
There must be reasons for the silence

The end is a dark black hole pulling you in
The end is a dark black hole pushing you down
Never knowing, crawling, crawling
Track Name: In Moonlight
Stepping out of the door and into the sun
You're always at war with everyone
The light illuminates your intentions perfectly
Watch as the sun sets

Tonight we're alive with that glow in our eyes
You'll never be alone, I'll follow you until your heart is my own

There's no escaping my control
Your body and your soul are mine
You came into the room
Your face lit like the moon as in full
I draw blood from the wound

Dark is my home
I am a tragedy to ever want and need love
It's bittersweet my dear, dark is my home

You step into the sun, where do I belong
I am alone without you
Track Name: The Rest Is History
I want to hold you at the end when there is nothing left
cause you're a part of me
and in this pain I must insist you can't run away from it
you've just got to believe

its spinning out and I won't come down
just be here now

I won't look back, cause there's so much ahead
the old world is dead
your new eyes will see what we are to be
don't give up

there is hope for us to be one
when all the world has given up
o, let this be all that we need, this love
one body, is what we'll be

you'll see it coming down
let it fall down
and we'll be free
believe me
let it go
Track Name: The Beast of Tyrann
in the land of fear the sun was dark and blotted out
there was war for years as the nation dried with drought
I was born into the blood and thirst, a child of death
in my vagrant heart I possessed the guile to kill and survive

so I run I hide, with empty hands
on and on I fly in search of a new land

I sense the fire but I still come running
the sound of your soft voice calling me
I am the orphan-born, my vision burning
my hands will work to build an empire divine

don't tell me, that I'm not worthy
the city refused me, I'm cold
the poor die
as far as I can tell
they freeze to death
in the realm of Ciel

but the lady welcomes me in, it's the warmth that I felt
o lady Constance, you saved me from hell
it's religious itself their purpose
but in the church of Dieu I'm a good person
I will work in the faith as a bishop of grace

and I serve myself, with hungry eyes
in the land of wealth, the rich will survive
Track Name: Coletta and Cordell
hope is lost, Tyrann reigns
we must part or be eaten
brand the skin, bind the chains
give it up, we're defeated
oh!, is this the end
no, we won't give in

by and by I've watched the hopeless die
I locked myself inside the room my mother raised me
give your hands to the beast of Tyrann
or rebel like the killer within

but there is hope, I've seen them on the hill
I've heard him say before, "we are our own people"
still, I wait in silence before my body is thrown to the flames

hold on my love and believe
believe and our bodies will not feed the beast
take my hand, we'll flee from this evil
my love, don't give in
follow me and we'll be free

Moloch raises his head and the Bishop proclaims
"serve me my lad, and you'll be my kin
you will be mine
she'll be my little princess in the harem of a god
sweet girl you can't escape it, I am your lord"

oh, ruined the land of Ciel
devoured by fires of hell
the church towers ring their last
and crumble down in fear
our home is burned and lost
a memory dead and gone

the war is lost, there is no cause
the beast swallows them whole
all children one by one
to live without a soul
I'd rather die
Track Name: The Coast of Indigo
we were sailing off the coast of Indigo
the wind was wailing, blowing sails in different notes
and with Moloch calling our names
we shipped forward through billows and rain

come nightfall, the deck is filling with the sea
this water's my judge, my despot
I've come to escape the teeth

my whole life I've come to find nothingness
now this feeling has led me to this boundless island

Zissou, if your still chasing that shark beneath the sea, let go
keep both eyes out for the wisdom of defeat and know
greed is a lonely keeper
it holds onto the marrow of the bones

the sun was setting, darkening the line on which we towed
our weathered baggage beating on the fins that swam below
I won't be swayed by any man, I'm on my own now

ooh, on the ocean floor, all alone
shark, what are you waiting for

my whole life I've come to find nothingness
now this feeling has led me to this lonely island

all things pass with time but some wounds never cease to burn
all things end in time and if you never learn
then you'll leave here with shame